Combatting Hypertension Together: Insights from leading Cardiologist Domenico Cianflone and Gerry Chillè, CSO at Newel Health


On the heels of World Heart Day, we sat down with Professor Domenico Cianflone, a renowned Italian Cardiologist, and Gerry Chillè, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Newel Health, to delve deep into understanding hypertension and explore innovative solutions designed to empower patients and healthcare providers alike.

Maria Corazòn, Newel Health’s Media Associate: Thank you for joining us today! Domenico, could you start by highlighting the importance of addressing high blood pressure?

Domenico: Absolutely, Maria. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, has been a known health risk since the late 19th century. It’s often called the “Silent Killer” because it usually presents no symptoms until severe complications develop. Today, with lifestyle changes, over 1.5 billion people globally suffer from hypertension. Unfortunately, 20-25% of adults are unaware they have it, and nearly half of those diagnosed don’t have it under control due to various reasons, including a lack of effective, personalized lifestyle change programs.

Maria: That is quite extensive! Gerry, how does Amicomed respond to these challenges raised by Domenico?

Gerry: Amicomed is designed precisely to address these challenges. Our patented and certified algorithm guides users to measure and track their blood pressure regularly. The app analyses this data considering various factors, enabling it to provide valuable insights to both the user and their healthcare provider about blood pressure trends. This proactive approach not only increases awareness but empowers users to take control of their health, aiding in early intervention and prevention.

Maria: Domenico, what do you think is critical for an effective hypertension management program?

Domenico: An effective program requires a multi-faceted approach. Beyond medication, patients need support from various health professionals, including nutrition experts, physical trainers, and psychologists. This integrated support helps in crafting a personalized plan for the patient to achieve and maintain normal blood pressure levels.

Maria: Gerry, how does Amicomed incorporate this multifaceted approach mentioned by Domenico?

Gerry: Amicomed amalgamates the expertise of various healthcare professionals, nutritionists and behavioral scientists into a singular, user-friendly platform. We provide users with personalized lifestyle modification recommendations. These suggestions are not random; they are crafted based on the lifestyle preferences and medical history that the app receives and analyzes from the user, making the advice highly personalized and far more effective in managing hypertension than a “boilerplate” suggestions approach.

Maria: It seems like early intervention and regular monitoring are crucial. Domenico, could you comment on this?

Domenico: Certainly. Early intervention is vital since small reductions in blood pressure can significantly reduce the risk of adverse events. Continuous monitoring and lifestyle modifications play a pivotal role in this regard.

Maria: Gerry, how does Amicomed facilitate early intervention and continuous monitoring?

Gerry: Through regular and easy tracking facilitated by Amicomed, users are not only aware but are also able to understand the nuances of their blood pressure patterns. The insights provided by our algorithm allow for timely intervention, if necessary, as well as positive feedback when users are achieving their blood pressure control targets; Amicomed’s personalized lifestyle modification strategies enable users to make the necessary changes for long-term health benefits.

Conclusion: In the battle against hypertension, understanding and management are our strongest weapons. With experts like Professor Domenico Cianflone providing invaluable insights and innovative solutions like Amicomed, there’s hope for better, more empowered health for everyone.