What’s in a Name? The back story of how the name Newel Health came to be


As the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Newel Health, I couldn’t be more excited about the public launch of our company, especially with all the anticipation that built up while spending well over a year working in stealth mode (and having to deliberately keep it under wraps)!
But now that we have officially gone “live” I would like to share with you the back-story behind our name and how it reflects our mission and values.

Here at Newel Health, we passionately believe that digital medicines and digital therapeutics truly are the future of health and that they will ultimately provide the opportunity for addressing many of the challenges of healthcare in completely new ways. It is for this reason that our entire team is fully committed to this vision and passionate in creating scientifically sound, clinically validated and beautifully designed innovative solutions to empower people to take control of their health and well-being.

Our name, “Newel Health“, was carefully chosen to reflect our mission and values. But while it could be interpreted as a cheeky play on the words new+well, and cleverly chopping off an L to appear trendy, young, and cool (well, two-out-of-three isn’t too bad, for me at least…)  we actually chose newel for its literal and metaphorical meaning.
A “newel”, you see, is an essential structural part of a spiral staircase, serving as the central support for the steps and handrail. In the same way, Newel Health strives to be the central support for the health and wellness journeys of the people that we dedicate our work to. Incidentally, a spiral staircase also evokes the shape of the building blocks of life, the DNA, the code at the core of all human existence.

I also see our amazing team as the intricate design often found on a newel post, each one contributing their unique skills and expertise to create cohesive, effective and scientifically sound digital therapeutic solutions whose functions are like the steps of a staircase, taking people living with a health condition on an uplifting journey towards better health and wellness. And just like a staircase that leads to new heights, we are reaching for new clinical realities in the understanding and treatment of disease.

Now that you understand the concept behind Newel Health, you may ask yourself, well, how do you pronounce it? Easy! Newel is pronounced just like the word “jewel”! And thus, as Newel Health’s Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, it is my immense pleasure to have spent the last year shaping and shining this diamond-in the rough, with the strong belief that it will become something even more precious to those that we will serve.

We hope our efforts will bring them longer and more meaningful lives with fewer of the burdens that living with a health condition can throw their way; this is truly a priceless gift to give, and something that I am very proud to be a part of. I hope that you too will join me and the rest of the newel health team on our mission.

Gerry Chillè

Gerry Chillè

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer and Co-Founder of Newel Health, Gerry is in charge of Newel’s evolving DTx pipeline. A keen believer of the ever-increasing role of digital towards expanding therapeutic options and improving health outcomes, Gerry has spent his career providing guidance in the research, design, and funding of digital heath solutions.